The lotus sex position

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It can be fast and passionate, slow and romantic, and just as emotional as it is physical. The fix: Carve out some time to have the kind of sex that reminds you of why your relationship is so special. Being touched in a loving way will raise your levels of oxytocin also known as the love hormone and PEA a neurotransmitter associated with bonding , says Deb Laino, DHS , a Delaware-based relationship therapist and certified sex educator. How to do it: Have your partner lie directly behind you or vice versa , while you lie on your sides facing the same direction. If your partner is the one behind you, bend your knees slightly and push your bottom further back for easier access.

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You then need to sit down on his crotch while facing him and hold on to him quite tightly by wrapping your arms around his back and putting your legs around his back as well to pull him into you. Your man will also hold on to you quite firmly as well by putting his arms around you. Quick Warning: While this instructional video is quite distressing, it will teach you how to make your lover cry with orgasmic pleasure and become sexually addicted to you. Instead, you will be grinding and rocking on your man. Imagine dry humping , but without the clothes! When your arms are around his back, you can massage and rub them. You are also in the perfect position to kiss your man : on the lips, cheeks, neck and ears.

Lotus Sex Position

As far as sex goes, you have quite a selection of positions to try depending on what you and your partner are in the mood for. Want to be in charge? Craving some deep penetration? Working on those squats and want to show off that peach? Reverse cowgirl.
The lotus sex position does. The lotus sex position involves one partner sitting cross-legged, and the other facing them, straddling them. Think "cowgirl" position one person rides on top the other but seated upright. We usually pick sex positions based on what you're in the mood for.