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If a new leak from 4chan is to be believed, we now know what Rainbow Six Siege 's upcoming Operators will look like. Ubisoft has been on a mission with Rainbow Six Siege. Released way back in , the game is still going strong and is one of the most played FPSs on the market. Since its launch, dozens of new operators have been released, several maps have been added, and bugs have been fixed.


Rainbow Six Siege's Season 3 Operators Leaked | TheGamer

After a surprisingly quiet season of Rainbow Six Siege , the newest Y4S3 operator leaks have rolled in. The community may have also confirmed a past leak by connecting some very suspicious dots on social media. The newest and most convincing leak comes from a 4Chan post that was subsequently reposted on Reddit. The leak shows concept art for the upcoming Mexican and Peruvian operators for Y4S3. While the artwork looks a bit out of character for Siege , eagle-eyed YouTuber coreross pointed out that the leaked art bears a striking resemblance to the artwork used in Operation Phantom Sight.

Rainbow Six Siege Review (2020) - Smooth Operator

In Rainbow Six Siege, small tactical choices always lead to big consequences. Every round is a new lesson in what you could have done better, with your mistakes acting as a stern teacher. Taking these lessons to heart and adjusting your team's strategy accordingly keeps each match feeling fresh and exciting, and a drip-feed of new operators, loadouts, and abilities constantly introduces new considerations. The thrill of seeing your plan succeed--whether that's a collection of traps that stops the enemy in their tracks, a well-placed breaching hole that sets the stage for an ambush, or two operators' abilities working together to pull the rug out from the opposing team--is what makes Siege not only a compelling shooter but one of the best examples of teamwork, tactics, and crack shooting out there.
We know that Rainbow Six Siege 's Year 4 Season 3 operators will be from Mexico and Peru, and a leak in June suggested their gadgets will be a grappling hook and a shield that drops fire when destroyed. A new leak this week, originating on 4Chan, supposedly shows what those two new operators look like: you can see one above, and the other below. We have no confirmation that these are legit, but there a couple of reasons we think they probably are. First is that Kormora, a reliable Siege leaker, has said they're real images of the new operators.