Wear diapers for fun

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Just like you. I pick her up and sink onto the bed, breathing in her sweet scent as I rock her tiny body. I am so tired that even standing up seems impossible. Anyone blessed enough to have an inflammatory bowel disease gets to play with a roulette wheel of lifestyle changes and medications — from relatively mild, aspirin-like pills only nine a day! But nothing could have prepared me for the multi-front war my body decided to wage after my daughter was born.

‘I like to wear diapers’

Is it wrong to wear diapers for fun? - Quora

I am so immensely grateful to have a tool that has given me so much freedom and life back. Before I can get into why I am a diaper-wearing something, I really need to take you back to the beginning. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis , an inflammatory bowel disease IBD , in at the ripe age of There was nothing in the world, autoimmune disease included, that was going to make me any different than my peers or keep me from doing what I wanted to do. Partying, eating spoonfuls of Nutella, staying up all hours of the night to pull campus pranks, studying abroad in Spain, and working at a camp every summer: You name a college experience, I probably did it. In my most recent flare-up that started in , I was experiencing fecal urgency and having accidents on almost a daily basis.

How much do you want to wear diapers?

Diapers are fun to wear and wet, but many think this is abnormal, which for a diaper lover like me is hard to cope with. But i finally admitted i love to wet myself, but was tired of the mess. When I finally got the nerve to buy diapers, ever since i put on and wet that first one, im in love. So do you like to wear diapers or not?
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